These days we not only want to know what
we are eating but also where it came from!


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Ciscoe's Sources & Suppliers

Our salmon comes to us direct from Scotland where it is carefully farmed in hand-reared, sustainably fed, non-antibiotic conditions. The farm (Wester Ross) follows RSPCA Freedom Food Standards with 1% fish to 99% water. Instead of using chemicals to keep the fish pens clean, the nets are cleaned by wind and rain and dried in the sun. Ciscoe will tell you from experience that only the purist and most carefully farmed salmon is worthy of excellent preparation. 

Our lobster is locally-fished Norfolk lobster, some of the best that the North Sea has to offer. Our suppliers (Jonas Seafood) specialise in lobster fishing and production, landing on a daily basis throughout the season. The lobsters are placed in holding tanks and either cooked to order or sold live. Ask Ciscoe about his lobster sashimi – a dish for the true sushi lover.

Sea Bass:
The best Sea Bass in Europe is farmed in the deep tidal coves of Greece. Greek culture has always been based on fishing and the long coastline of deep coves, free from industry and tourism and benefitting from strong tidal currents to keep the pens naturally clean, is a perfect natural environment for modern fish farms. Farmed sea bass not only relieves the pressure of fishing on wild shoals but because of the purity of the Aegean water in which they grow, the quality is often better and cleaner.Ciscoe and Ian have done the ‘taste test’ by landing a sea bass off Lowestoft and preparing sashimi on the shore; they found that the local wild fish was tougher in comparison their regular Greek supply.

Our UK tuna suppliers (Tuna King) import from responsible artisan fisherman all over the world. Each catch carries a unique identification that enables full traceability from end customer back to boat, and Tuna King only buy directly from fishing boats not through markets. They take great pride in the standards they work to, and have the only fishing boats accredited outside UK with theResponsible Fishing Scheme (RFS) for tuna boats. Ask Ciscoe about the subtle differences between tuna and yellow tail tuna (hamachi), both of which he serves.

Beef and pork:
Our beef and pork supplier (DJ Barnard) farms south of Norwich around the villages of Rocklands, Shropham and Eccles. The beef cattle graze local herb-rich pasture on which minimal pesticides and artificial fertilizers are applied to the land, and the habitat is nurtured to encourage wildlife diversity. The beef and pork is slaughtered at the local abattoir in Norwich, minimising time of travel for the animals. It was Ian Cooke who discovered DJ Barnard, and Ciscoe will not now have any other meat in his kitchen.